REM 2018 – 4th Renewable Energy
Mediterranean Conference

“Focus on Industry 4.0: paving the road to a sustainable energy transition”

Ravenna the 14th and 15th of March
Grand Hotel Mattei

The continuous and progressive evolution of digital technologies in recent decades is one of the emerging trends and promises to have a transformative impact on the entire industry chain.
The rapid technological advances in computing capacity (parallel computing), advanced sensors, wireless transmission technologies, robotics and new data processing algorithms (data-driven analytics and machine learning) will allow the transition of the industry towards real time decisions on the management of production assets, plant demanning and new forms of company-contractor collaboration, based on shared design platforms, in the design and implementation phases of projects.
These scenarios will allow for the reduction of operating and capital costs, a reduction in production down-times and project implementation times – with a consequent advance on the cash flows – and therefore greater competitiveness, while guaranteeing at the same time higher standards of quality, safety and environmental protection .

The third industrial revolution with the internet of things has generated an enormous volume of data every day that arrive at great speed in a heterogeneous format and with uneven degrees of reliability, generating the so-called Big Data era that represents a challenge to traditional business models.

L’Industry 4.0 is called upon to take up this challenge with a proactive approach to managing Big Data with the creation of centralized hubs and platforms capable of processing and analyzing coming in real time from various sources and in various structuring.

The edition of REM 2018 brought to the conference stage representatives of the technological players in the digital industry, of the companies O & G, of contractors for a comparison that made it possible to take stock of the current spread of these technologies, the main barriers – both technological and organizational – the prospects for their widespread industrial diffusion.
With particular attention given to innovation in this field, a true driving force behind the rapid development of digital technologies, inviting some of the main Italian Universities involved in the National Industry 4.0 Program to be discussed..

Detailed program and participation