Nuova Olp represents forty years of experience in fire-fighting, protection and corporate safety in the industrial, civil, naval and offshore areas.
Commercializes a wide and complete range of personal protective equipment (D.P.I.), technical clothing and working safety wear, road and security signposts as well as every emergency disposal or tool for gas detecting and for liquid absorbing and storage.
Builds and offers maintenance and assistance of a wide range of fire-fighting systems. Water, Foam, Powder, Twin-agent, Gas (CO2 and all ecological and inert extinguishing gases), Aerosol and smoke-heat-gas Detecting Systems. Nuova Olp is also specialized in fire doors, smoke and heat evacuators (EFC) and any material that protects from fire. Designs, manufactures and test also horizontal and vertical fall protection lines, rigid rail or cable made.
Projects and designs fire detecting and extinguishing systems, offers to their customers a complete Advice and Service program according to the ministerial decree dated March 10th 1998 and to the legislative decree n. 81/2008 providing also documentation regarding risk evaluation, security plans for emergency management, evacuating trials, constitution of emergency teams, sampling and environmental observations. Nuova Olp also takes care of Training and propose to their customers a wide range of courses for each professional figure.

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