Remediation of marine environments and treatment of polluted water

The Secomar Company operates in the environmental sector and provides services of:
– prevention and reclamation of marine pollution and whole waters;
– collection, transport and handling of liquid waste produced by ships;
– cleaning of water mirrors;
– supply of petroleum products and on-board supplies to ships (bunkers);
Established in 1986, it has its registered and operational headquarters in Marina di Ravenna, Via del Marchesato, 35, has a quay facing the canal port of Ravenna in the Canale Piombone area with a seafront of about 60 meters. linear, a depth of about 20 mt. linear for a total extension of about 1,200 square meters.
Via del Marchesato, 35 – 48122 Marina di Ravenna (RA) – Italy
Phone +39 0544 530534 – Fax +39 0544 530846 –