OMC – Offshore Mediterranean
Conference and Exhibition

Since 1993 ROCA organizes the OMC, Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition.
Every two years a consortium formed by ROCA, Ravenna Chamber of Commerce and ASSOMINERARIA (Association of Oil Companies), organizes the Conference and Exhibition OMC that has become a focal point in the Mediterranean area and an appointment not to be missed for oil industry specialists world-wide.

OMC 2021

The next OTC edition will take place from 24 to 26 March 2021 in Ravenna.
The discoveries in deep waters in the southern-eastern Mediterranean have opened new frontiers, a scenario that presents important business opportunities for oil & amp; gas in an area characterized by enormous exploration potential.
The presence of verified and potential resources represents an opportunity for growth for the regional markets, for the relaunch of domestic consumption and for the production of wealth for the communities not only of the riparian countries. The Mediterranean is becoming an important hub for gas exports to Europe and other Mediterranean markets, also thanks to the possibility of using production infrastructures already present in the region.
Natural gas, LNG and a whole series of new technologies will play a decisive role in increasing and diversifying transport demand.
While the world is trying to reduce emissions, the use of renewable sources (especially solar and wind) especially in the countries of North Africa is starting to make a significant contribution to the energy mix and represents an important business opportunity and a area in which the energy industry with its know-how can contribute decisively to the achievement of emission reduction targets.
Research and innovation will act as a catalyst for the development of the entire region. The “digital” revolution and the rapid implementation of efficiency technologies will lead to an increase in productivity, competitiveness and at the same time will guarantee ever higher quality standards and greater environmental protection.
All these themes will be presented in the next edition of OMC from the opening plenary session, to the panel discussions and technical sessions.
Building on the success of the last edition, OMC will continue to stimulate and promote the exchange of information and technical and economic knowledge between energy Authorities, large companies and experts from all over the world, confirming the strategic role that the manifestation has assumed in the panorama international energy sector.
Ravenna is ready to welcome the more than 20,000 operators and 600 companies from 33 countries (OMC 2019) at the 15th edition of the OMC 2021 from 24 to 26 March 2021.

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