Industrial Trading and Sales Representative Company

Since 1989 3B Technology is specialized in the supply of bulk materiale for all companies operating in the Oil & Gas and Energy sector and the related industries: Manifacturing, Maintenance, Repair and Operating.

Via Pag, 81 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 591681 – Fax +39 0544 591371



ABR IMPIANTI Srl develops and builts electrical and instrumental systems for the chemical industry ,oil & gas and food; also develops process engineering and SCADA software.

via Manlio Monti, 40  48123 Ravenna (RA)
Tel. 0544 685411 – Fax:  0544 685439

www.abrimpianti.it –  info@abrimpianti.it



Ambiente S.p.a. is an environmental consultancy & engineering company and chemical-physical and biological environmental analysis laboratories. It has numerous offices in Italy, Carrara, Florence, Milan, Rome, Taranto, Priolo, Ravenna and Pisticci and 4 analysis laboratories: Carrara, Priolo, Pisticci, Pistoia. Sectors of work: Industry and Energy, Oil & Gas, Contaminated Sites, Infrastructures and Territory.
The main activities are studies and projects for the remediation of polluted areas, environmental impact studies and assessments, environmental monitoring plans and activities, environmental risk analysis, environmental permitting, environmental management systems, environmental mitigation projects in the infrastructure sector, environmental construction , circular economy projects.

Via Frassina 21 54033 Carrara (MS) Italia / Via della Lirica, 35 – 48124 Ravenna (Ra)
Tel.: 0585 855624 – Fax: 0585 855617

www.ambientesc.it –  home@ambientesc.it



Services of environmental survey, topography, geology, marine and applied geophysics, coastal studies and port monitoring, NDT on structures, concrete buildings and historical building.
Via Masello, 6 – 44123 Ferrara (FE) – Italia
Tel. +39 0532 796414




Offshore and Trailer Support Services

Bambini srl operates in the maritime transport sector and is specialized in the provision of offshore support and trailer services. Thanks to the particular type of ships and to an efficient organization on the ground, Bambini is able to meet all the needs of offshore platforms, providing a quality service that differs from transporting workers to supplying drinking water and fuels, from transporting dangerous goods, including radioactive substances and waste, to support services for underwater operations, ROVs, geophysics, anchor handling and offshore towing.

Viale IV Novembre, 79 – 48122 Marina di Ravenna (RA) – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 530537 – Fax +39 0544 538544
www.bambinispa.it – info@bambinispa.it



Electrical and Automation Systems

Biesse Sistemi since 1973 provides engineering, procurement, construction, technical assistance and maintenance of industrial plants. Works in Oil&Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, Energy. The Company is certified ISO 9001:2008 by DNV.

Via Fratelli Lumière, 39 – 48124 Fornace Zarattini (RA) – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 500330 – Fax +39 0544 500331
www.biessesistemi.it – info@biessesistemi.it



ROV Services

Bourbon Offshore DNT offers survey and ROV Services to the oil & gas industry for inspection maintenance and repair works, assistance ondrilling operations, pre-lay & post lay survey, touch-down monitoring during pipeline & cable lay.

Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, 2 – 48123 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 685665 – Fax +39 0544 684046
www.bourbon-online.com – dnt@dntoffshore.com



Offshore Training Center

CFO – Centro Formazione Offshore – established in 2001, is an OPITO certified training centre offering professional courses to offshore and marine industry, including oil & gas and diving, for all needs concerning the safety of personnel operating both at sea and on aircraft, civilian and military.

Via Bonvicini, 14/16 – 48123 Mezzano (Ravenna) – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 521090 – Fax +39 0544 410406
www.cforavenna.com – info@cforavenna.com


CONFARTIGIANATO Oil and Gas Operators Ravenna

Confartigianato Oil and Gas Operators Ravenna

Confartigianato of Ravenna province is a representative Association can ensure appropriate responses to the needs of the oil&gas sector with a continuous political and trade union action. Confartigianato is the partner to create, compete and grow in an ever-changing market through an extensive and efficient network of integrated and personalized services.

Viale Berlinguer, 8 – Ravenna
Tel. 0544.516111 – Fax 0544.407733



Control is a company that operates in the field of non-destructive controls and laboratory tests since 1967 and is therefore one of the oldest companies in the Italian sector.  Over the years the company has gained experience and has adapted them to the standards that regulate the non-destructive controls.

Via Attilio Monti, 15 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 590597
www.controlmercatali.it info@controlmercatali.it



Your Reliable Contractor

Cosmi Group company provides O&G industries with Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Maintenance. Hook-up activities, Multidisciplinary services, Training, (pre)Commissioning & Start-up.

Via Teodorico, 7 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 605111 – Fax +39 0544 605900
www.gruppocosmi.com – cosmispa@gruppocosmi.com



Risk Analysis and Safety Consultation

Crea provides risk analysis and HSEQ consulting using effective  methods to implement and upgrade reliability, safety, environment  and quality management.

Via Romolo Murri, 21 – 48124 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 465657 – Fax +39 0544 463461
www.crea-srl.com – crea@crea-srl.com


CTS Project Srl

Heavy haulages and liftings

It associates various specialized companies, with the aim of responding to the different needs of the client in a rapid and efficient manner, offering a complete cycle service with the guarantee of the best safety standards: weighing, lifting, packaging, loading, transport, unloading, assembly and positioning.

via dello Stagnino 6/8 – 48125 Roncalceci (RA)
Ph. 0544-569611 0544-569696
www.ctstrasporti.it – info@ctstrasporti.it



D.M. OFFICINE SRL was established in 2015 and employs technical and administrative personnel with twenty years of experience in local companies.
Our structure operates in the Oil & gas, energy and metal carpentry structures sector.

In 2017 it achieved ISO 9001: 2015 certification after only 2 years of activity, in fact the company has already created a space in the Ravenna area for its skills and professionalism.

Via Trieste n.253, Ravenna (RA)

Tel. 0544 423269  – www.dmofficine.com



Diving and Marine Contractor

Drafinsub is a diving and marine works contractor that offers many specialized services including commercial diving (air or mixed gas saturation), ROV sevices, EPC for underwater pipeline – control umbilical – comms or power cable, IRM for platform and offshore structures, NDT inspection, Project Management and underwater engineering services.

Via al Molo Giano – 16128
Port of Genova (GE) – Italy
Tel. +39 010 261 354 – Fax +39 010 893 2710

Via Antonio Gramsci 25-27
Sant’Olcese, Manesseno
16010 Genova (Ge) – Italy

Offshore Division
Via Fossombrone 66
48124 Ravenna

Drafinsub Nigeria LTD
27b Trans Amadi
Industrial Layout
Port Harcourt
Rivers State, Nigeria



E.QU.A. Srl

E.QU.A. is a society that has as social subject the performance of technical services as well as activities performed as Inspection Body of Type A, II and III party inspections, expediting, supervision of tests and Pre-Shipment inspections specialized in the Oil&Gas and Power; planning and supply of welding qualifications and procedures, according to international codes and standards.

Via Pirano, 5 – 48121 Ravenna – Italy
Tel. +39 0544 591981
Fax +39 0544 591374



International Forwarding and Shipping Agents

Fiore provides the following services: customs brokerage, customs formalities, ship brokers, inland transportation, hazardous cargo, general cargo, bulk, oversized & heavy lift equipment, air freight, air charter service, warehousing and logistics, ocean freight, FCL/LCL, break bulk, project cargo, oilfield support and logistics.

Via Magazzini Anteriori, Traversa Nord 51 – 48122 Ravenna – Italy
Ph. +39 0544 598511 – Fax +39 0544 598589
www.fioreravenna.it – fiore@fioreravenna.it



Fores Engineering is an integrated industrial solutions provider with high technological value for the oil&gas, petrochemical-refining, chemical and energy sectors.

The company designs and manufactures telecommunication systems, security and access control systems , F&G , ESD/PSD systems, wellhead control panels , multifunctional and analyzer shelters, O&G treatment skids, chemical injection skid and fiscal metering systems.

The company also provides a wide range of after-sales services: assistance and supervision of construction activities; pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities; maintenance; supply of spare parts and on-site training activities.

All activities are carried out in compliance with the Lloyd’s Register certified business management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018, PED 2014/68 / EU, MOD. H1 (1000 bar).

Via S. Casadei, 12 – 47122 Forlì – Italy
Tel +39 0543 813 811 – Fax +39 0543 813 898
www.fores.it – fores@fores.it



Flanges for Industrial Pipeline

Ferrari provides carbon-stainless-alloy & low temperature steel flanges for industrial and water-oil & gas pipelines including special designed flanges.

Via Grandi, 29 – 48123 Ravenna – Italy
Ph. +39 0544 608311 – Fax +39 0544 451801
www.ferrari-ra.it – info@ferrari-ra.it



Fratelli Righini provides the construction of: Lay System for flexible and semi-rigid umbilical (carousel-spooling device-lay tower); FPSO chain mooring tensioner; FPSO Pull-in System for SCR (steel catenary riser); Pipe lay equipments; Pipe handling equipments; Heavy lifting equipments; Pile internal-external lifting tools; linear and rotary winches.

Via Travaglini, 21 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 420129 – Fax +39 0544 420483
www.righiniravenna.it – info@righiniravenna.it



Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Specialized in construction of special and explosion-proof H.V.A.C. systems for shipping and offshore installations.

Via Fratelli Lumiere, 60 – 48124 Fornace Zarattini (RA) – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 460150 – Fax +39 0544 502432
www.frigotecnicamerlo.it – info@frigotecnicamerlo.it



Quality policy

The existence and the development of our company, General Cavi, is condiotioned by the quality of our products and services that we provide in order to live up to customers expectations..

Via dell’Industria, 22 – 48021 Lavezzola (RA) – Italia
Foreign-commercial office:
Tel. +39 0545 988645 – Fax +39 0545 988669
Accounting department:
Tel. +39 0545 988611 – Fax +39 0545 988620
Technical department:
Tel. +39 0545 988611 +39 0545 988645 – Fax +39 0545 988669



Hydro Drilling Srl provides drilling services in the oil and geothermal field since more than 40 years.

We are active in the Adriatic offshore since 1993 providing drilling and workover services on multiple platform using the SSXIII-Adriatic 1 rig.

Via Torri 365 – 48123 Ravenna
Tel. +39 0544 683311 – Fax +39 0544 683391



Insulation Technology for Shipbuilding Industry

Since 1961 ISOLFIN is leader in insulation materials for the shipbuilding industry, asbestos removal and scaffolding operations.

Via Medulino, 7 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 420301 – Fax +39 0544 420026
www.isolfin.it – info@isolfin.it



Since more than 30 years, ITALMET has been an industry supplier of mooring chains anchor and steel cables. ITALMET is certified 9000 since 1994 and now it is certified 9001:2008.

Via delle Industrie, 81 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 451555 – Fax +39 0544 451345
www.italmet.com – info@italmet.com



Marine Consulting is a diving and marine works contractor, based in Mezzano-Ravenna, Northern Adriatic Sea, offering a wide range of offshore services, including air & saturation diving, ROV and marine engineering services. Marine Consulting is certified ISO 9001-2008 and IMCA member, and is certified by international Ship’s Registers for In-water survey and NDT.

Head Office: Via Europa, 47 – 96100 Siracusa (SR) – Italy
Op. Base: Via Bonvicini, 13 – 48123 Mezzano (RA) – Italy
Ph. +39 0544 520250 – Fax +39 0544 521601
www.marinec.com – commerciale@marinec.com



Offshore Maintenance Contracting & Engineering

Micoperi Group offers a complete range of services for on/offshore maintenance contracting and engineering.

Via Trieste, 279 – 48122 Ravenna – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 422252 – Fax +39 0544 423767
www.micoperi.com – mail@micoperi.com



Nuova Olp represents forty years of experience in fire-fighting, protection and corporate safety in the industrial, civil, naval and offshore areas.
Commercializes a wide and complete range of personal protective equipment (D.P.I.), technical clothing and working safety wear, road and security signposts as well as every emergency disposal or tool for gas detecting and for liquid absorbing and storage.
Builds and offers maintenance and assistance of a wide range of fire-fighting systems. Water, Foam, Powder, Twin-agent, Gas (CO2 and all ecological and inert extinguishing gases), Aerosol and smoke-heat-gas Detecting Systems. Nuova Olp is also specialized in fire doors, smoke and heat evacuators (EFC) and any material that protects from fire. Designs, manufactures and test also horizontal and vertical fall protection lines, rigid rail or cable made.
Projects and designs fire detecting and extinguishing systems, offers to their customers a complete Advice and Service program according to the ministerial decree dated March 10th 1998 and to the legislative decree n. 81/2008 providing also documentation regarding risk evaluation, security plans for emergency management, evacuating trials, constitution of emergency teams, sampling and environmental observations. Nuova Olp also takes care of Training and propose to their customers a wide range of courses for each professional figure.

Tel. 0544 450902 – Fax. 0544 451731
e-mail: info@nuovaolp.com     Web: www.nuovaolp.com



Tank cleaning, remediation and industrial maintenance

Nuova Saimar srl is an italian company with its headquarters in the city of Ravenna, in Italy, with 19 years of experience in the remediation activities for the Oil & Gas Industry. The fields of services are several, from tank cleaning containing hydrocarbons to high pressure hydrodynamic washing, from remediation to decommissioned industrial plant demolition, from asbestos removal to industrial cleanings, from industrial maintenance to bioremediation.

Via Ricasoli, 10 – 48123 Ravenna – Italy
Phone +39 0544 453054 – Fax +39 0544 453677
www.nuovasaimar.it – nuovasaimar@nuovasaimar.it


R.T.I. Spa

Established in 1980 as an industrial representation company, RTI SpA, moving in a market where skills and services are essential requisites, RTI made his propensity to change his more effective weapon. The continuous search for products to add to its range led RTI To build top level partnerships including:
Parker Hannifin – Worldwide Leader in Automation and Process Control Tecnologies
Intertec Hess – Worldwide Leader in Design and Production of Instrumentation Protection Systems
LowFlow and Jordan Valve – Leader in Design and Production of Pressure Regulating and Flow Control Valves
CDC and Groth – Worldwide Leader in Design and Production of Rupture Discs and Presure/Vacuum Relief Valves
The desire to offer its customers a “Global Service” led RTI to the acquisition of an engineering company, today integrated in the RTI Engineering Division. Quality Products, Qualified Staff, Experience and Skills make RTI the ideal partner for EPC’s and Projects Subcontrctors in Oil&Gas and Energy Production.

Via Volturno, 23 – 48015 Cervia (RA) – Italy
Tel. +39 0544 954001 –  cervia@rti-tec.it

Via Ambrosoli, 2/A – 20090 Rodano Millepini (MI) – Italy
Tel. +39 02 95328610




Diving Contractors

Rana Diving, established in 1964, is an underwater engineering company and diving contractor, providing an integrated subsea services to the Oil & Gas industries worldwide. Main services are underwater construction; platform inspection, repair and maintenance; pipeline inspection, repair and maintenance, including extensive NDT campaigns with robust reporting. Rana provides: Saturation diving, Air diving, Underwater engineering, ROV Services, Diving Support Vessels and Project Management
Via del Trabaccolo, 16 – 48122 Ravenna (RA) – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 530742 – Fax +39 0544 531015
www.ranadiving.it – rana@ranadiving.it





RAM Group is a group of companies specialized in plant engineering for oil & gas, power and petrochemical sectors, both onshore and offshore, upstream and downstream.
The group was created in the 90s by Ugo Zaccarini, who took advantage of his extensive experience in plant engineering and construction to found the first company – RA.M. S.r.l.
The group, which is composed by several companies led by RAM Holding Srl and represented throughout taly, has its headquarters in Ravenna in a strategic position about 150 meters away from the commercial port.
RAM Group operates in many countries as an EPC contractor in the aforementioned sectors, providing services of engineering, procurement, prefabrication, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation assembly, control automation, pre-commissioning and commissioning start-up, service maintenance, machine tooling.

Via della Burchiella, 19 – 48122 Ravenna (RA) – Italia
Tel. +39 0544 1823921
www.ram-groupofcompanies.it – ram@ram-groupofcompanies.it



Shipping Agents & Brokers

Shipping and forwarding agents, brokers, charter operators, liner services. World wide sea, air, land shipments. Cargo handling, heavy lift, custom brokers, inland transport, warehousing, offshore assistance.

Via Magazzini Anteriori/Traversa Sud, 30 – 48122 Ravenna – Italy
Phone +39 0544 590209 – Fax + 39 0544 590229
www.ravennacargo.it – racargo@tin.it



R & A offers integrated consultancy on intellectual property matters to help its clients grow and to help them consolidate and protect inventive ideas and trademarks around the world.
Via Antica Zecca, 6 – 48121 Ravenna – Italy

Phone +39 0544 31076 • Fax +39 0544 33352




Rosetti Marino Group of Companies provides EPC-(I) services to miscellaneous industrial sectors worldwide including Oil&Gas, Wind, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power and Shipbuilding.

Via Trieste, 230 – 48122 Ravenna – Italy
Tel.: +39 0544 878111 – Fax: +39 0544 878188



Sat.C.S. is an Italian satellite operator registered at the Italian Agency (ROC) and has a national license, released by the Italian ministry of communication, to provide VSAT services. Sat.C.S. operates in the Oil&Gas industry with four different lines of services: Satellite connectivity, Network management (for third party also), Sales and integration of Sat systems, maintenance and assistance (over third party implants also).

Administrative headquarters: Via Trieste, 43 – 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Italy
Phone +39 02 51800115 – Fax +39 02 51878912

Operating Office: Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 14 – 48123 Ravenna (RA) Italy
Phone +39 0544 456644 – Fax +39 0544 453018
www.satcs.com – sales@satcs.com



Underwater Trenching Works

Via A. Mariani, 44/46 – 48121 Ravenna – Italy
Phone +39 0544 30283 – Fax +39 0544 35591
www.seatrenching.it – info@sea-group.net



Remediation of marine environments and treatment of polluted water

The Secomar Company operates in the environmental sector and provides services of:
– prevention and reclamation of marine pollution and whole waters;
– collection, transport and handling of liquid waste produced by ships;
– cleaning of water mirrors;
– supply of petroleum products and on-board supplies to ships (bunkers);
Established in 1986, it has its registered and operational headquarters in Marina di Ravenna, Via del Marchesato, 35, has a quay facing the canal port of Ravenna in the Canale Piombone area with a seafront of about 60 meters. linear, a depth of about 20 mt. linear for a total extension of about 1,200 square meters.
Via del Marchesato, 35 – 48122 Marina di Ravenna (RA) – Italy
Phone +39 0544 530534 – Fax +39 0544 530846
dirt@secomar.it – www.navenna.it



SGS è l’azienda leader nel mondo per i servizi di ispezione, verifica, analisi e certificazione.
Esegue inoltre Controlli Non Distruttivi convenzionali (Ultrasuoni, Particelle magnetiche, Liquidi penetranti, Radiografie, ecc) ed avanzati con tecnologie Phased Array, TOFD, IRIS, ECA, Onde Guidate, etc. Il laboratorio esegue test distruttivi, controlli radiografici, Analisi dei guasti (Failure Analysis), SEM ed EDS.

Sede legale: Via Caldera 21, 20153 Milano – Italy
Tel: +39 02 73931
Fax: +39 02 70125067

Sede di Ravenna: Via B. Ricasoli 8, 48123 – Ravenna – Italy
Tel:  +39 0544 599508
Fax: +39 0544 599580



SIAD is one of the leading Italian chemical groups and operates in the production and sale of the entire range of industrial, food, special and medicinal gases, as well as in the following synergic sectors: engineering, healthcare, services and industrial goods.

Via della Battana, 21 – 48100 Ravenna – Italy
Phone +39 0544 436601
Fax. +39 0544 436834
Mob. +39 335 1351439

www.siad.com –  fabio_sgarzi@siad.eu



Representations and Industrial Distributions

Subsea Fenix è una società che fornisce servizi di robotica e ingegneria subacquea. E’ una nuova azienda con sede a Ravenna, fondata da imprenditori esperti dei servizi offshore Oil & Gas e servizi subacquei. La società è amministrata da un pool di professionisti qualificati dinamici ed entusiasti.
Registered Office
via della Burchiella, 19 – 48122 Ravenna – Italy
Head Office
via Bonvicini, 8 – 48123 Mezzano (RA) – Italy
Phone +39 0544 523280 – Fax +39 0544 410439
www.subseafenix.com – info@subseafenix.com



Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Engineering

Techno provides engineering, consulting and training services in Occupational Health and Safety, Fire and Environment fields.

Via Pirano, 7 – 48122 Ravenna – Italy
Phone +39 0544 591393 – Fax +39 0544 591402
www.techno-hse.com – info@techno-hse.com



Driven by our Energy

Process topsides, modularized systems, modularized refineries, power plants, modules for installation in remote locations, platforms for extraction are the areas where our EPC capabilities can be an added value.

Via Zuccherificio, 10 – 48123 Mezzano (RA) – Italy
Phone +39 0544 525011 – Fax +39 0544 525299



Lifting & Test

Settore di attività con un banco di prova, pesatura,sollevamento.

Via Vicoli 53/A – 48121 Ravenna – Italy
Ph. + 39 0544 460476 / 348 2313451 / 335 5688558
www.zanettisolution.com – zanetti.solution@gmail.com