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We invest in domestic gas

ROCA, the Association that groups together the companies of the Ravenna district operating in the offshore sector is concerned about the current context as depressing and depressed as the current one due to the inaction in the drafting of the Pitesai, coronavirus and the collapse of the oil price.

After the collapse of the price of oil on March 9, ROCA wrote a letter to Stefano Patuanelli Minister of Economic Resources, to the General Managers of the MISE Rosaria Fausta Romano and Gilberto Dialuce and for competence to Stefano Bonaccini President of the Emilia and Romagna Region and to the Mayor of Ravenna Michele de Pascale. Many high letters and communications followed, but they have always been ignored by our rulers.

“The government could give companies a great boost of confidence – comments the president of ROCA, Franco Nanni – at no cost to the state, with the immediate release of the Adriatic offshore. Currently, ROCA companies employ about 6,000 people, of which 44% are hired abroad, to meet the demands imposed by the countries where the work takes place. While until a few years ago the employees amounted to over 10,000 and were mostly based in Ravenna ”.

The crisis in the sector, the significant regulatory uncertainty, the indiscriminate stoppage of prospecting and research activities imposed by Law no. 12/2019 of conversion of the D.L. n. 135/2018 caused the unjustified elimination of investment prospects in the sector and destroyed the local activity of SMEs, forced to cut thousands of highly specialized jobs or even close.

Therefore the companies work almost exclusively for foreign contracts. “With yesterday’s drop in the price of oil, which reached almost $ 30 a barrel (lowest price in the last 18 years), it will certainly cause a reduction in investment by oil companies and therefore a further decrease in work is expected. also abroad. Abroad is the only possibility to acquire contracts for ROCA companies.

We are asking for the urgent reopening of mining activities in the Adriatic to alleviate the threat of a further worsening of the crisis and the risk of complete paralysis ”.

In line with what has been requested in recent days by the Prefect of Ravenna, Dr. Caterino, after having gathered all the institutions, trade associations and trade unions in the government building. The intervention of the Prefect was necessary following the repeated requests received by the Mise from the Mayor of Ravenna, Roca, the unions, even before the possible crisis for the reduction of the price of oil.

ROCA recognize the importance of environmental protection and the need to use gas only as a ferryman towards renewable energy, but a total interruption of our work for unweighted and counterproductive choices also in terms of the national economy is not acceptable. Scientific studies show that the complete satisfaction of the energy demand cannot be covered, neither now, nor in the next decades, by alternative sources alone.

ROCA asks the Minister “why be forced into an indiscriminate blockade of research and new crops (now extended by another 6 months) pending a Plan for the Sustainable Energy Transition of Suitable Areas (PiTESAI) which has no defined criteria, when L . n. 979/1982 (Provisions for the defense of the sea), Law no. 394/1991 (Framework law on protected areas) or the Legislative Decree. n. 152/2006 (Consolidated Environmental Law) already effectively circumscribe the marine areas to be protected.

We ask, immediately, to have the certainty of being able to resume operations and give the opportunity to invest in the sea areas outside the Marine Protected Areas “.

ROCA has already expressed interest in collaborating with the competent authorities in the definition of a medium-term National Energy Strategy in recent months, but the appeal fell on deaf ears. ROCA renews the offer of operators in the sector to make their contribution to the country’s energy policy, which cannot withstand sudden changes in direction, as happened in the last decade.

In the Adriatic Sea, in areas not affected by environmental constraints, we still have large reserves of gas that are not exploited. Methane is the least polluting fuel, necessary for at least 30-50 years of transition and the search for this resource cannot be banned indiscriminately from our sea, preferring to import it from abroad, therefore with higher costs, more pollution and loss of jobs in our country.

ROCA is looking for a quick solution! The district’s economy has already suffered too much damage. Our reserves could ease imports, with benefits for the balance of payments, as well as giving jobs to companies in the sector.



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